Head of Certification

Mr. Jeff Bartlett has spent the last thirty-seven years in the aircraft regulatory, certification and design field. Originally trained in mechanical engineering, Mr. Bartlett worked on the design and certification of the innovative Edgely EA-7 Optica observation aircraft. Subsequently, he has held the roles of Head of the Design Organization and Chief of the Office of Airworthiness for a number of European and UK Design Organization Approval holders and has been a Design Signatory across a broad range of disciplines for multiple organizations.

Over the years, Mr. Bartlett’s passion for innovative aerospace solutions has seen him engaged in many sectors of the industry including, transport airplanes, piston and gas turbine engines, interiors, specialist helicopter modifications, and gyroplane development programs. As a result, he has gained broad experience of working with both the UK and European aviation regulatory bodies (the UK’s CAA and the EU’s EASA), and is experienced in obtaining and maintaining aviation Approvals, in particular, Design Approvals.  Mr. Bartlett has obtained no less than five Design Organization Approvals (DOA’s) which is a clear demonstration of his in-depth knowledge of certification requirements.

Mr. Bartlett’s interest in aviation was kindled at the age of five when he had his first flight in an early model Cessna 172. While still a teenager, he qualified as a private pilot and through the years has co-owned a number of light airplanes.