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CHICAGO, IL, U.S.A., December 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, Skyworks Global, Inc. (“Skyworks”) and Mobius.energy Corp. (“Mobius”) announced a strategic partnership to adapt and mature Mobius’ battery module technologies to meet the needs of the Skyworks’ eGyro™ electrically powered vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

Mobius.energy is a startup developing novel battery module architecture. Mobius’ battery module provides low total cost of ownership, safe battery operation, high energy density, fast charging (<10 minutes), rapid cooling, and a high cell-to-pack mass ratio of >0.8, all enabled by a novel lightweight super thermal conductor (STC). STC has 25 times better thermal conductivity than copper and is 30-50% lighter than Aluminum. STC prevents thermal runaway through its rapid heat dissipation.

Mobius’ battery module architecture is cell type agnostic and platform independent. It can achieve the highest module-level specific energy for a given cell and can accommodate any new cell development. The current prototype achieved specific energy at 230 Wh/kg using the conventional 21700 cylindrical cells with a specific energy of 260 Wh/kg.

Jongwon “JP” Park, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Mobius.energy said, “Mobius’ strategy focuses on building strategic partnership and growing together with our partners. We are building a global aviation battery alliance and our partnership with Skyworks marks an important milestone.”

Skyworks is the world leader in the science and technology of gyronautics, focusing on the design and development of high-performance gyroplanes. Skyworks gyroplanes provide more affordable, safer, and higher performance alternatives for runway-independent aircraft.

The Skyworks eGyro has been designed to leverage the fundamental safety and performance advantages of a gyroplane to create an eVTOL system that provides practical approach to intra and inter-city passenger transport. With an autorotating main rotor, the eGyro is fundamentally safe and overcomes a key limitation of many eVTOL systems concepts.

“The eGyro is the most energy-efficient platform for an eVTOL vehicle, and by teaming up with Mobius we expect to create a plane with best-in-class range and performance”, said Professor Peter Littlewood, a member of Skyworks’ technical advisory board.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with MOBIUS to develop a battery pack that is tailored to the configuration advantages of the eGyro”, said Don Woodbury, Skyworks’ Chief Technology Advisor.

About Mobius

Mobius.energy is a startup in Southern California developing safe, light, and energy-efficient novel battery module architecture. The module’s high charge rate (C-rate: 6.0) enables over 90% charge in less than 10 minutes and its equally high discharge rate provides on-demand power boost needed during the take-off of electric aircraft. Mobius’ architecture is welding free and bonding free that allows on-site cell replacement. Its light, simple, and compact design enables easy maintenance, on-site swapping, and cost-effective re-use and recycling. Mobius’ goal is to build battery subscription, maintenance, and salvage service including the second life repurpose and the end-of-life recycling of batteries to enable circular economy and thereby contribute to decarbonization of the aviation industry. For more information about the company, visit www.mobius.energy

About Skyworks

Skyworks Global Inc. is the world leader in gyronautics, the study and design of sustained autorotative flight represented by the company’s gyroplane technology. Skyworks has more than 40 patents with several more underway, all obtained in an effort to radically change not only the way gyroplanes are perceived, but also the way they are utilized. From mass personnel transportation, agriculture, defense, and border protection to literally changing the economies of developing nations, Skyworks’ goal is to change the nature of vertical flight. For more information about the company, its products, and individual members of the Skyworks team, visit www.Skyworks-Global.com