12 Apr 2022

Skyworks Aeronautics Announces Increased Investment Commitment from GEM to $200 Million

2022-04-12T17:09:53-04:00April 12th, 2022|

“We are very excited about our diverse portfolio of gyro capabilities which we believe position us exceptionally well to provide safe, affordable and extremely capable vertical lift and progressive electric alternatives to nations across the globe.” Stated Brig. General (Ret.) John Michel, Skyworks Aeronautics Co-Founder and CEO.

09 Feb 2022

Skywork’s business development goes global

2022-02-09T18:35:02-05:00February 9th, 2022|

Stephen Judd has joined Skyworks as director of global business development. His far reaching experience in many technological fields will bring welcome momentum to the company. Driven by a passion for technology, Judd has delivered services and products to customers around the world.

31 Jan 2022

Skyworks Aeronautics Adds Director of Global Business Development

2022-01-31T16:20:46-05:00January 31st, 2022|

Stephen Judd brings a successful track record in delivering high profile sales in the global aerospace, defense and marine industries. - "Skyworks’ gyroplanes hold the potential to revolutionize flight in a diverse range of aircraft markets, offering customers huge advantages and many benefits”— Stephen Judd, Skyworks Director of Global Business Development

22 Dec 2021

Skyworks Aeronautics: Something Old, Something New | Vertiflite Jan/Feb 2022

2021-12-22T12:51:06-05:00December 22nd, 2021|

“The advanced air mobility space has seen rapid investment and growth over the last year,” said Steven Montes, defense electronics analyst, who covers the AAM market for Forecast International, an aerospace consultancy. “With the sheer number of aircraft designs floating around, joint efforts to get those aircraft into use will be the deciding factor in long-term success. Skyworks seems to understand that crucial task of the next half-decade.”

23 Nov 2021

UAM inches closer in Incheon

2021-12-04T22:29:39-05:00November 23rd, 2021|

Skyworks and MintAir are joining forces with partners including Lotte Corporation to advance the commercial viability of UAM companies in South Korea. Seoul-based Lotte Corporation was established in 1967 and has over 90 affiliates across more than 30 countries, while Lotte Rental plans to develop a ground mobility platform offering transport and rental assets based on customer data from its 40 million members and customers. The consortium will conduct component tests and test flights of Skyworks’ eGyro in 2022-2023

18 Nov 2021

Competition Heats Up For Korean UAM Market

2021-11-18T09:40:05-05:00November 18th, 2021|

The second consortium brings together U.S. eVTOL startup Skyworks Aeronautics, the Incheon metropolitan government, battery provider Mobius.Energy and its sister company MintAir, which has been launched to operate electric aircraft in Korea. Completing the group are Korean conglomerate Lotte Holdings and Lotte Rental, the country’s largest car rental company.

11 Nov 2021

Skyworks Aeronautics and Williams Advanced Engineering announce a strategic partnership to collaborate on the design, fabrication and testing of Skyworks’ eGyro™ electrically powered aircraft

2021-11-13T11:40:59-05:00November 11th, 2021|

“We are excited to be partnering with Williams Advanced Engineering, born from Formula 1 racing, a globally recognized leader in advanced composites, electrification systems, and lightweight engineering, to develop our groundbreaking eGyro electric aircraft,” stated John Michel, Skyworks’ Chief Executive Officer. -||- Paul McNamara, Technical Director, Williams Advanced Engineering said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Skyworks on this innovative project. Aerodynamics, lightweight advanced materials and electrification are core competencies for us – and we’re looking forward to applying them to the eGyro, which seems set to redefine the gyroplane; bringing about a step change in aeronautical e-mobility.”

26 Oct 2021

Skyworks Aeronautics & Mint Air Sign Agreement with City of Incheon to Test Fly the eGyro™

2021-10-26T09:42:10-04:00October 26th, 2021|

Mobius has set up a sister company, Mint Air, in South Korea as an electric aircraft operator. Mint Air’s aircraft partner is U.S. startup Skyworks Aeronautics, which is developing the four-passenger eGyro eVTOL. The companies have signed a letter of intent with the city of Incheon to test-fly the eGyro in South Korea.

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